30 January 2008

What is it like?

My pretty button
This is a button. It is made out of plastic.

What is it like?
It is transparent and shiny. It feels smooth and warm.

My Plastic Bag
This is a plastic bag. You can't really see through it; I think it is translucent.

What is it like?
It is strong and light.

My Necklace
This is a necklace and it was before my mum's when she was small and then she gave it to her cousin. Then she knew I was coming and then she gave it to me. It is made out of metal.

What is it like?
It is shiny. It is not magnetic. It is gold; we saw the hallmark.

My Glass
This is a glass and it's made out of glass.

What is it like?
Glass is good for holding water because it is waterproof. A wooden cup might soak up the water.

26 January 2008


This is a crocodile and I made it and first I took this plastic grape box and then I put this plastic yellow straw and then I attached it to a parachute.

‘I like how you did the body,’ said Michelle.